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Fireworks Restrictions

Utah fireworks laws have changed this year allowing the purchase of lawful fireworks from June 24 – July 25. Fireworks can only be discharged two days prior and one day after the holiday (July 4 and July 24).
Due to the high level of fire danger, the Springville City Fire Chief is closing certain areas of Springville for the use of all fireworks from July 2nd. – July 25th.

Fire Works are banned in certain areas of town. The “no fireworks zone” are the following three areas:

All fireworks are banned in the following areas:
• The “North East Boundary (Same as years past) on the northeast foothill boundaries of Springville. The fireworks ban is designed to prevent any fireworks being used within 1000 ft. of the US Forest/Springville City boundary near the foothills. The boundary is defined as follows:
Starting at Main Street and 1400 North, east up through Millpond Dr.; east on 400 North and winding its way over to 1300 East and up Canyon road to 2450 East, including all areas east of 2400 East to the City limits.
• The entire area west of the railroad tracks at 400 West, starting on the North end of town and extending south to the intersection of highway 89 to the southern border of Springville.
• Including the area near “Clyde Park” South of the High School.
To include the circle off 1200 East defined by 1100 South looping to 1200 South back to 1200 East.
Including the area West of 1200 East between the South border of Springville and 1150 south extending to 700 East.

Legal fireworks may be used in other areas of town from 11am to 11 pm, between July 2nd. and July 5th and July 22nd. and July 25th;
except that on July 4 and July 24, the hours are 11 a.m. to midnight.
We encourage all in restricted areas to take their families to any of the city parks outside the banned area to set off fireworks.


Henry L. Clinton, Chief
Springville Fire Department

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