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Swim Lessons

December 13, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Clyde Recreation Center
717 South 1200 West

Our Swim lessons include


*Register the participant by their name.
*Private lessons beginning June 2020 will no longer have the plus one swimmer add in option to your lesson.
*All private swim lessons will be one student only.
*Private Swim Instruction is: Five 30 min. lessons, M-F.
*Members $50
Non-member $70

Private lessons are a great option for children or adults interested in a tailored experience with 1-on-1 instruction. our instructors have the opportunity to create a curriculum at a customized pace to better develop water safety skills, basic swim skills, and the advancing swimmer the opportunity to refine skill technique development.


5 lessons for 30 min each in one week, M-F $30-Have membership/$50-No membership

Comfort level
will enter the water on their own
adjust to the water and develop independent
able to mimic an instructors activities

5 lessons for 30 min each in one week, M-F
$30-Have membership/$50-No membership

Designed to introduce swimmers to
– novice swimming skills
– improve personal swimming abilities such as:
– fully submerging their face
– front & back floating,
– basic arm and leg motions
– refining skills and performing actions in small groups

5 lessons for 30 min each in one week, M-F, $30-Have membership/$50-No membership
Comfort level

Can move through the water on their own at least 15 feet
Duck dive, swim underwater for 3 meters & recover object
Kick on front and back
beginning of strokes, freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

We want your child’s experience with swim lessons to be enjoyable. If you feel that he/she is not ready for the
lessons yet or if you would like to explore other options for them to learn how to swim, please do not hesitate to talk with the CRC Aquatic coordinators, or your child’s teacher.

Sign up online at springville.org/clyderecreationalcenter for additional information or on our CRC app for a time slot!

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