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Springville Arts Commission
For the Arts and Humanities


Sunday Concert Series – Free monthly concerts held for the public. Check the online calendar for any changes in the schedule.

Statues To Live By  *NOTE*  Several new statues have been added, and due to new construction many have been moved to new locations since the printing of this flyer

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The Springville Arts Commission was completely restructured in 1985 in order for the commission to meet the criteria for a National Endowment Locals Grant. At that time a half-time person was hired to serve as the Executive Director of the Arts Commission This has now developed to a full time position This position was outlined in a statement for an amendment to a city ordinance covering the Arts Commission as a city department.

During the restructuring of the commission each position on the Arts Commission board was filled by a person to represent each of the fields in the arts and humanities and a budget was given to the Arts Commission to assist various groups that requested help financially for their projects.

The re-granting of the money shown on the budget has brought about many benefits to the citizens of Springville by helping these small groups. The grant money given to the Library has enabled them to secure classic recordings and many art books to help both children and adults. The grants to the Springville Museum has helped them restore many works of art from their permanent collection.

A great many groups have benefited from this support which is given by Springville City Corporation to the Springville Arts Commission. The Springville Arts Commission can count on this help year after year to continue to improve and enlarge arts experiences for the citizens of Springville and Utah County.

With your support we can be of greater service to the people of this area by sponsoring projects and events for the enlightenment, knowledge and pleasure of all. Springville City is dedicated to the arts and has been for many years and through this dedication has improved the quality of life for all of us.