8 pm on Saturday, June 9

The Landsharks Band is the only Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band to play with Jimmy Buffett in Key West and at Margaritaville!  After playing with The Landsharks Band in concert in Key West, Florida, Buffet praised the band and  hired them “on the spot” to be the house band at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafe at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. After later playing with them again, Buffett said in a Radio Margaritaville interview that he’d had a lot of fun and that the Landsharks were great, and they really knew “how to put on a show”.  He added that up until playing with The Landsharks he’d been afraid to allow bands to play his music at Margaritaville, but after playing with the Landsharks he decided to allow it. He also later said, on stage at Universal Studio’s Margaritaville Cafe, that when he’d played with the Band in Key West, “The Landsharks knew the songs better than I did!” Of course Mr. Buffett has over 400 songs, so it’s expected that every once in a while, he might flub a lyric or two….but you get the point.

Highlights from The Landsharks’ music career include being chosen from over two hundred bands as opening act for the world famous Beach Boys at the one hundred year anniversary of “First Flight Centennial” in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, a major event that even The President Of The United States attended. The Landsharks were also selected to perform for the Super Bowl Victory Party in Jacksonville, Florida. The event went so well that The New England Patriots added another night of performance! The Landsharks Band also performed in Springville for Art City Days 2015. It was a such a blast, we are very happy to have them return!