Art City Days

Grand Marshal

Frank Memory

Longtime Springville resident Frank Memory will serve as grand marshal of the 2022 Art City Days Grand Parade on Saturday, June 11. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. and proceed down 400 South and Main Street.

Frank George Memory was born in Standardville, Utah, on July 29, 1923, to Franklin and Arlean Miner Memory. Frank’s mother, Arlean, died shortly after his younger brother’s birth, and Frank was raised by his father and stepmother, Christine Nelson Memory. Frank’s grandparents, Med and Ella Miner, lived on 400 South in Springville.

Frank graduated from Carbon High School, after which he joined the Navy and served in World War II. He first served on a minesweeper and then was transferred to a submarine, the USS Gato, for the balance of his enlistment. This submarine went on many harrowing and dangerous missions destroying enemy targets.

On one run, after two hours of dodging depth charges, the Gato surfaced and discovered a live depth charge on its deck. At the same time, two Japanese escorts were sighted heading toward it. The Gato outran the enemy escorts while disposing of the depth charge by setting it adrift on a rubber raft.

Frank was still on the Gato when it steamed into Tokyo Bay on Aug. 31, 1945. It remained there for Japan’s surrender ceremony on Sept. 2. Frank was honorably discharged on Dec. 29, 1945, as a First-Class Quartermaster.

Frank returned home and married Eileen Brown. They made their first home in Springville. They later moved to two other locations in Springville, then near the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon, and, finally, to 200 West, where Frank has lived ever since.

Frank first worked with Jeff Miner at Miner’s Garage after he took a car there for new spark plugs and Jeff offered to show him how to replace them. This started a wonderful life as an auto mechanic. He learned quickly and enjoyed working on cars and trucks. He worked for Jeff for many years in two locations.

He later started a new venture in a building on the corner of Main and 4th called Frank and Kelly (Jensen)’s Garage. Eventually, Frank bought the garage on Center Street from Bill Ruff. He enjoyed working there for several years and retired at this location. He gave his services many times for little or no charge to people in need.

Frank was involved in civics and the Church during most of his life. He served on the city’s Planning Committee. He was also a Springville City councilman, during which time Springville City purchased the land where the Hobble Creek Golf Course would eventually be built. The city also secured two more springs for culinary water during his time on the council. Frank helped organize the Springville Ambulance. He loved to help those in need.

Frank enjoyed serving in many positions in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Counselor, Bishop, High Councilman and Counselor to the Branch President at the Missionary Training Center.

However, his favorite calling was that of Scoutmaster. He took many young men on hikes in which they would be begging to stop while their 60-year-old Scoutmaster, Frank, wanted to keep going. Frank’s family and friends always called him the “Mountain Goat.” Frank has walked tens of thousands of miles during his lifetime.

Frank and Eileen enjoyed raising their five children in Springville: Von (Glenda), Sharon (Doug), Ann (Duane), Gary (Carla) and Richard (Sunnie). Frank has 19 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren, and he still lives at home at the grand old age of 98.

Frank’s favorite saying is “Springville has been a good town to us. We have had many wonderful family and friends here.” He is very humbled and honored to be chosen as the 2022 Art City Day Parade Grand Marshal.