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2022 Business of the Year: Reams Springville Market

ReamsThe Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce has named Reams Springville Market as the 2022 Business of the Year.

Reams Springville Market has been proudly serving this community for over 30 years. Reams Springville Market has been voted as the “Best Grocery Store” and having the “Best Customer Service” in the Daily Herald’s Best of Utah Valley competition for 10 years in a row. In other words, as its owners like to say: there are bigger stores, just not better ones.

The store attributes its three decades of successful operation in Springville to its friendly employees — some of whom have worked at Reams for more than 25 years — and its loyal customers who understand that “keepin’ it local” is what it’s all about.

Located at 759 E. 400 South, Reams opened in Springville in 1991 after purchasing a vacant building on the property. Dove’s and Village Market had operated there previously.

Locally owned and operated, the store has gone out of its way to treat its customers like family. Over the years, it has become a community hub of sorts, with people coming to grab a gallon of milk and staying to chat because they run into friends and neighbors.

In 2016, the store began planning a remodel of its interior, and maintaining a comfortable, “homey” atmosphere was an important consideration. Instead of the modern, sleek design that was popular at the time, Reams decided to go with a vintage and familiar design that feels nostalgic.

The Reams meat department has received individual accolades, having been named “Best Butcher” in the Best of Utah Valley contest for several years in a row. They cut, wrap, filet, chop and grind meats onsite. Whether a person is grilling, smoking, frying or “bacon,” they can help.

Making items by hand carries over into other departments such as the Reams deli, where customers can pick up wraps, dips, cheese balls, salads, meat and cheese platters and more, all made onsite.

They opened up a popcorn bar that boasts a family recipe of “Highly Addictive” and “Habit Forming” corn pops, candied colorful popcorn, and huge bags of buttery “Art City” theater-style popcorn.

Reams has one of the few scratch bakeries left in Utah Valley. Chaz and Carrie Hill have been baking at the store for more than 19 years, and customers can watch as their creations are mixed, kneaded, rolled and baked. More than 30 different flavors of fritters are on the list of possibilities.

In the produce section is the “Grab and Go Fresh” area where customers can find roast bowls, noodles, parfaits, fruit and veggie trays and fruit cups that are prepared fresh daily. Reams works with local suppliers to obtain the freshest produce. They also search the world for exotic and fun fruits and vegetables they believe their customers will enjoy.

Also in the produce department is the “DIY” orange juice machine that takes fresh oranges and makes the freshest juice possible while customers watch in amazement.

The pharmacy at Reams offers a convenient drive-up window and a consultation room for vaccinations and one-on-one meetings with the pharmacists.

Reams recently added the “Balloon House,” a great addition for the one-stop shopping experience they are creating. Grab a balloon or order an arch; they have a great selection of all things to be filled with helium. Reams also offers fresh flowers, plants and seasonal bouquets as well as a unique gift and one-of-a-kind home decor section with ever-changing offerings under the famous pergola that everyone loves to browse around.

With a desire to give back to the community, Reams loves to support community events and groups such as local schools, PTAs, charities and more. Ream’s has been a community favorite for giving many their “first jobs.” They love training and teaching young employees customer service skills that will last them a lifetime, whether they stay with the store or not. Ream’s doesn’t only try to keep it local, they are local.