Springville City
2013 City Elections
November 5, 2013

General Municipal Election Information

Official Results for the General Municipal Election held November 5, 2013

If you have questions about the validation of your provisional ballot, please call the Springville City Recorder at (801) 491-2727 during office hours.

Provisional Ballot Validations

Envelope #           Validated

845777 yes
856573 yes
856584 yes
856767 yes
856768 yes
856769 yes
856770 no
856778 yes
856779 yes
856780 yes
856781 yes
856782 yes
856783 yes
856784 no
856785 yes
856787 no
856788 yes
856789 yes
856790 no
856808 yes
856809 yes
856810 no
856813 yes
856814 yes
856833 yes
856834 yes
856835 no
856836 no


Campaign Financial Disclosures for Candidates

Polling Places: Precinct Map 2013

Consolidated Precinct A Cherry Creek Elementary SP01
Consolidated Precinct B Westside Elementary SP02, SP11, SP16, SP17
Consolidated Precinct C Springville City Offices SP03, SP13, SP15, SP18
Consolidated Precinct D Art City Elementary SP04, SP08, SP12
Consolidated Precinct E Sage Creek Elementary SP09
Consolidated Precinct F Springville High School SP06, SP07
Consolidated Precinct G Springville Junior High School SP05
Consolidated Precinct H  Brookside Elementary  SP10, SP14


Primary Election Information