This 2013 holiday scavenger hunt will lead you to various spots in Springville on your quest to find the Jingle Bell Rock. The first person or group to find all the locations and the rock will receive a Santa Sampler package.

Each day at 9 am from December 9th through December 16th a single clue is revealed. Clue #1 will lead to a spot, then clue #2 will describe another location, and so on. MOST locations are visible from the previous location. The final clue will lead to the Jingle Bell Rock hidden somewhere in the community. Clues are given once per day and will remain posted on this webpage throughout the contest. Keep track of each location from every day in order to claim the prize. No additional hints will be given. There will be a message hidden with the Jingle Bell Rock giving specific instructions to the person or group that finds it, which could result in winning the Santa Sampler prize package. HAVE FUN!


CLUE #1     Hey Rocky.      Famous line of Bullwinkle the moose. Clue #1 leads to the “September” moose statue on 200 North Main.

CLUE #2     What you lookin’ at?     This refers to the cowboy statue across Main Street to the west titled: “Sixty years in the saddle”.The cowboy is looking behind as the horse goes forward.

CLUE #3     That Indian is gaining on me.     The “Land Speed Moment” statue at 94 North Main depicts the world’s fastest Indian motorcycle.

CLUE #4     I would like to see slow and steady win this race.     “Field Marker” is the turtle statue in front of the Rivoli Theater at 254 South Main.

CLUE #5     Where are his parents?  He’s gonna fall in.     The baby statue in the “Summer Fun” group surrounding the splash pad at 50 South Main. The baby is looking west toward the next statue.

CLUE #6     I hope she doesn’t fall.     “Stepping Stones” statue is a girl balancing on one foot.

CLUE #7     My uncle Samuel calls me Becky.     Mark Twain is Samuel Clements’ pen name. Becky Thatcher is a main character in his books. The “Mark Twain” statue is located in front of the DUP Museum at 175 S Main.

CLUE #8     Fourth donor.    There is a donor plaque on the statue from Clue #7. The 4th donor listed is Springville Museum of Art. The clues eventually led to the museum at 126 East 400 South.

BONUS CLUE     No diving required.     This clue refers to the dumpster next to the museum. The rock was found next to the dumpster. There was no dumpster diving required.


Graphic used with permission from zazzle.com


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