Boys and girls ages 9 to 14 are invited to participate. Elementary grades 3 through 6 use a field day each Spring to participate in the national Hershey’s Track event scheduled with cooperation of the Springville schools and City Recreation. Registration for 3rd through 6th grades is completed through the elementary schools. Home school children are also encouraged to participate. There is no entry fee.

Registration Forms are distributed and collected through Springville elementary schools for all 3rd-6th grade children. Home schooled children are also welcome to participate with their grade level. Parents are encouraged to attend and parent volunteers are needed for each school and each grade. Talk to your child’s teacher in order to volunteer. Parents must sign a registration form and bring it to the Recreation office in advance of the event. Click here for the 2014 Hershey Track Registration Form if you need one. If you have any questions, please email recreation@springville.org

WHEN & WHERE 2014     Springville High School Track at 9:15am

6th Grade     Thursday, April 17
5th Grade     Thursday, April 24
4th Grade     Thursday, May 1
3rd Grade     Thursday, May 8

Events are scheduled to begin at 9:30am.  Please have everyone in their seats by 9:15am to receive instruction. First call for events will be at 9:20am, and events will start at 9:30am.

If your 3rd-6th grade child receives a certificate of award, they qualify to compete in the Springville meet!  The date for the Springville meet is May 19th at 4 pm. There is additional information on the back of each award certificate about the local meet and the opportunity to move forward to the district level.

Grades 7 through 9 (up to age 14) compete at the Springville meet on May 19th beginning at 4 pm at the SHS track.

Winners of the local Springville meet will have the opportunity to practice with a city track team and work with coaches during the summer to help prepare for the State meet in June. Winners from the State meet will compete in scores from Region 2 and the best scores will be invited to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania in August for the National Hershey’s Track and Field Meet.

Congratulations to Heidi Sumsion of Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville! She went all the way to Hershey, Pennsylvania last summer and placed 2nd in the 400 meter! Way to go, Heidi!

Recreation Mission Statement:  To create lasting memories, provide diverse opportunities, build unity, and provide safe and fun experiences for all ages, abilities and interests.

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