Springville Police Department

110 South Main Street

Springville, UT 84663


Tel 801 489-9421

Emergency Dial 911




School is back in session! And because it is, motorists are going to see a huge number of children crossing our city streets every morning, noon and afternoon. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Motorists should be warned that speed limits, especially in school zones and near cross walks, will be strictly enforced. Remember that you are required to stop for pedestrians and to allow them to cross the street safely.

Another area motorists should be forewarned about are those pesky school bus flashing lights. Drive past those while flashing and you’ll get a hefty hefty fine!

Point of this is, let’s be careful. Our children deserve to be able to walk to school safely and to walk home the same way. Drive carefully. Watch for little ones in the road. Obey the crossing guards. Stop for pedestrians. Stop for school bus lights. Slow down!

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