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Springville Department of Public Safety

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To say that Springville’s Fire Department was busy last night would be putting it mildly. Within less than two hours time, firemen were called to douse at least eight reported fires between scattered around the city. According to Fire Chief Hank Clinton, seven fires were reported in just thirty minutes. He also indicated that firemen, while on their way to and from other calls, stopped and put out a couple of smaller and unreported fires! Most, he said, if not all of the fires were caused by aerial fireworks that misfired or that the wind blew into grass or brush.

At least one home, a barn, a shed and a family’s van were threatened by the flames, but firemen were able to stop the fires before any of them were lost or damaged.

The rash of fires began at about nine-thirty last evening when the wind carried the fireworks into a grass field near homes in the southern part of the city, and ended just before eleven when fire fighters were called to put out a fire in a utility trailer. The trailer had been used to discard expended fireworks. “Several people in a neighborhood had been setting off fireworks. They told us they had doused the fireworks in water before tossing them into the trailer.” explained Chief Clinton, “The trailer was filled with wooden pallets and piles of used fireworks, but apparently not all of them were completely out.” The driver told officials that he looked in his rear view mirror and saw that the trailer had caught fire. He said he pulled over, disconnected the trailer and called for help. According to the fire department, the trailer will need new tires, but other than that it appears to be okay.

Firemen also reported that while on their way to a medical emergency they observed another fire that had not been reported. They called for help and were quickly able to extinguish that fire as well.

Springville Fire Department is a combined full-time/part-time and volunteer organization. In order to be prepared for the Fourth of July fireworks dangers, the department had three crews in “brush trucks” on patrol and a fourth crew and engine standing by in case they were needed. They were.

Aerial fireworks are especially dangerous when there is even a slight breeze according to Clinton, and many of the ones sold to homeowners tend to malfunction, sending burning material sideways, tipping over and exploding in or just above the ‘launch tube’ itself. Homeowners are urged to use extreme caution while setting off fireworks, and are asked to stop using aerial displays when there is any wind at all.

“We were busy. It was crazy last night, and we were lucky. We managed to save a home, a barn and other property. And during all the craziness with the fires, we had medical calls where we were needed.”

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