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Floodplain Information

The map below displays flood data from FEMA overlaid on property and address data from Utah County and Springville City.  You can zoom in to see if your property is impacted by the floodplain changes.  Please note that the accuracy of the map data is not survey quality and may contain minor errors.  The FEMA data shows the results of recent official flood studies conducted by a FEMA contractor for our area.  Printed maps and documents are on display in the lobby of Springville City Hall.  For further information refer to the Utah Division of Emergency Management’s RiskMAP newsletter.  This new floodplain delineation is currently in the “Post Preliminary Processing” phase.  As documented on pages 2 and 3 of the newsletter, Springville City plans to appeal the study findings during the 90-day appeal and comment period based on the availability of new surface elevation data as well as other factors such as the I-15 CORE construction. Springville City Engineering Division is currently gathering technical and procedural data in order to support a formal appeal.  Springville City is committed to keeping citizens informed during this process as well as helping citizens provide feedback.  It is also our goal to support the accurate delineation of the floodplain and mitigate flood impacts to Springville residents.

If you have any questions please contact the State Risk MAP coordinator Amisha Lester at 801-244-4092 or Springville City Engineer Jeff Anderson at 801-491-2780.



Larger Map






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