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Alex Roylance

443 South 200 East




Buildings and Grounds Department

443 South 200 East


(801) 489-2770

(801) 489-5797







Kim Francom – Parks Superintendent

Office:  443 South 200 East

Phone:  (801) 489-2775


Phone:  (801) 489-2770

City Park Listings

Springville City operates over 100 acres of beautiful parks within the city limits. There are 22 parks located throughout the City. Within the city parks you will find picnic tables, benches, playgrounds, walking paths, drinking fountains, tennis courts, pavilions, baseball diamonds, and various sports fields for city league recreation.


Pavilions are available for your enjoyment at six of our city parks. These pavilions are located at Spring Creek Park, Big Hollow Park, Spring Acres Park, Hobble Creek Park, Kelvin Grove, and Heritage Park. The pavilions may be used by anyone free of charge on a first come, first served basis; however, they may be rented for a minimal fee. A 20% discount will be applied if you reserve a pavilion in a city park for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Spring Acres Arts Park, near Springville High School, hosts special events such as Art City Days, Movies in the Park, concerts and festivals. This unique park, which has an outdoor amphitheater, is located at 700 South 1300 East.


Discover the beauty of Hobble Creek as a pedestrian or cyclist on the Hobble Creek Parkway Trail. Follow this trail approximately 3 ½ miles through Springville and into Hobble Creek Canyon to the Rotary Centennial Park.

The Parks Master Plan link takes you to a interactive map showing the different community, neighborhood and canyon parks within Springville City. Select the park you are interested in learning more about and you will be presented with a set of information tabs found at the bottom of each park picture. Most of the parks show the concept and design plans.

Park Master Plans link


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