FEMA Floodplain Meeting Tonight

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of updating the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for areas of Utah County. In conjunction with this effort FEMA developed a revised floodplain for Springville City. The revised maps may impact your property. If this map is adopted by FEMA, you may be required to purchase flood insurance.

A Public Open House will be held on April 23, 2014 from 5 – 7 PM with a short presentation at 6 PM at the High Chaparral building, 475 Main Street, Spanish Fork, Utah. During this meeting the revised FEMA maps will be discussed and those in attendance will have an opportunity to ask questions about the impacts the new maps will have on their property.

A web viewer has been created to show the preliminary data and changes since the last FIRM data map was published in the early1980’s. Please visit the web viewer:http://maps.springville.org/floodmap.

We hope that you are able to attend the meeting where these maps and your options as an affected property owner will be described in more detail. Please visit www.floodsmart.gov for further National Flood Insurance information, or contact the FEMA map information eXchange at 877 336-2627 (877 FEMA MAP).

Comments can also be sent to floodmapquestions@springville.org.

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Oath of Office

Please join us on Tuesday, Jan. 7, at 5:15 p.m., Council Chambers of the Civic Center, as Judge Sherlynn Fenstermaker administers the Oath of Office to the newly-elected officials — Wilford W. Clyde, Craig Conover and Chris Sorensen.

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Mayor Visits Businesses – Gets Great Report from Wal*Mart and Others

Springville Mayor Wilford Clyde has made it a point to visit local businesses.  Nearly every week the Mayor goes on local visits to get their take on how the City is doing.  Over the past few months, the Mayor has visited dozens of businesses—large and small.  Business owners love the visits and the chance to talk with the Mayor and City officials about their businesses.

During a visit to Wal*Mart, the store manager proudly announced that the Springville store is one of the top two in the state and that a store remodel is planned for next year.  James Curtis, Wal*Mart’s area manager confirmed that the Springville Wal*Mart is a great store that will be here for a long time.  The Mayor had heard that Wal*Mart may be closing in Springville.  Both managers strongly refuted this rumor.  They both said, “Why would Wal*Mart close one of their best stores in the state?”

Western Trade just moved here from Provo.  They were pleased with the interaction and reception they received from the City.  This leather-working business has a great reputation and customers all over the country!

Springville Meat is just completing a huge expansion of their custom butcher operations.  They ship product from Alaska to Florida, but Dave Cope says they still form their business around custom cuts of meat made to the customer’s order.

The 400 South corridor is busy with new businesses building and several of our industrial park businesses are expanding as well.  It is an exciting time to be in Springville!

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Construction Begins on Secondary Water Pond

Construction Begins on Secondary Water Pond

During the past few weeks construction has begun on a new secondary water pond at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon.  The primary purpose of the pond will be to provide secondary water to the west side of Springville where substantial infrastructure is already in place to deliver non-culinary water to residents and businesses.

The exciting news is that this pond will also be available for recreational purposes too!  A large, sandy beach area will allow families to relax and swim.  The pond is planned to be stocked with fish for local fishermen and trails will connect into the existing trail networks.

The pond is being paid for through a grant from Central Utah Water Conservancy District.  Recreational amenities will be paid primarily through Park Impact Fees.  Construction of the pond will last well into next year and then parking lots and other infrastructure will need to be built.  The pond should be open for public use in 2015.

Learn more

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Glimpses of Springville – Utah’s Art City

In many ways Springville is much like many other small cities of the American West. Hardy settlers carved out a living and built something from nothing. Yet, Springville’s story is different.  Few large cities let alone a small town of barely 30,000 citizens can boast of a governor, a United States Supreme Court Justice, a Master’s Golf Tournament champion along with famous artists and wealthy entrepreneurs among its list of citizens.

Glimpses of Springville, written by Robert and JaNeal Freeman, reveals an extraordinary place.  Through pictures and vignettes, the reader is introduced to a broad array of people, places and events that have created Utah’s Art City. A timeline weaves the history together and tells a tale in a sentence. In-depth essays give insight to the Springville Museum of Art, Hobble Creek Golf Course and more. In between, dozens of interesting historical moments are captured and shared in a way that will let young and old discover the value of history.

Glimpses of Springville was carefully researched and printed in full color. Learn how Hobble Creek got its name and which buildings have been lost over the years due to fire.  Read about bank robberies and the sports season that is still talked about. Every page has something that will keep you entertained.

Available at the Civic Center for $24.95 + Tax.

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Please Conserve Water

Due to the extremely hot temperatures Springville City is asking residents to please conserve water use on lawns.  With Saturdays temperatures forecasted for 100+ degrees, the City is asking residents to not water their lawns during the day and to conserve when possible.  Thank you for your help.  Springville City

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