Fireworks Map and Information

Notice to all Springville Residents

Utahfireworks laws have changed this year allowing the purchase and use of lawful fireworks from June 23 – July 27. Due to the high level of fire danger the Springville City Fire Chief is closing certain areas of Springville for the use of all fire works from July 1st. – July 27th.

Fire Works are banned in certain areas of town; generally speaking the “no fire works zone” is the “North East Boundary” that has been outlined in years past. There are no changes to the zone this year.

Starting at Main street at 1400 North up through Millpond dr. East on 400 north and winding its way over to 1300 east and up Canyon Road including Both sides of Canyon Road from 2450 east to the City limits.

(See the boundary map)

We encourage all those in the restricted area to take their families and fireworks to any of the city parks outside the banned area to set off your fireworks.

Thank you and be safe.

Henry L. Clinton, Chief
Springville Fire Department.

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