Springville Civic Center

110 South Main Street

Springville City, UT 84663


(801) 489-2700 Tel

(801) 491-7894 Fax


Daily Herald “Best of Utah Valley”


First Place Finish

  • City Celebration 1st Art City Days
  • City to Live in 1st Springville
  • Golf Course 1st Hobble Creek
  • Museum 1st Springville Museum of Art
  • Reception Center 1st Springville Museum of Art
  • RV Park 1st Jolleys


Second Place Finish

    • Downtown Area 2nd Springville
    • Golf Pro Shop 2nd Hobble Creek
    • High School Mascot 2nd Red Devils
    • Library 2nd Springville
    • Local Summer Event 2nd Art City Days
    • Scenic Drive 2nd Hobble Creek


Third Place Finish

  • ATV Trail  3rd Hobble Creek Canyon
  • Cross Country Skiing 3rd Jolley’s Ranch
  • Parade 3rd Art City Days
  • Skate Park 3rd Springville


Businesses in Springville


First Place Finish

  • American Style 1st Art City Trolley
  • Bank 1st Central Bank
  • Best Fountain Drink 1st Jake’s Brookside
  • Butcher 1st Copes
  • Cake Decorating 1st Funfinity
  • Charter School 1st Reagan Academy
  • Chicken Sandwich 1st Art City Trolley
  • Child Care Center 1st Hobble Creek Learning
  • Coffee Shop 1st Art City Coffee
  • Drug Store 1st SOS
  • Hardware Store 1st Sunroc
  • Kids Value Meal 1st Magleby’s Springville
  • Local DJ 1st Audio Visions
  • Motorcycle 1st White Knuckle, 2nd Legends
  • Men’s Haircut 1st Mark Anthony
  • Outlet Store 1st Mod Bod
  • Pediatrician 1st Jorge Michalek
  • Printer 1st UPS Store Springville
  • Pharmacy 1st SOS, 2nd Art City Pharmacy
  • Produce 1st Reams
  • Tutoring Center 1st Hobble Creek Learning


Second Place Finish

  • Appetizer 2nd Art City Trolley
  • Auto Mechanic 2nd Ron Lowe
  • Consignment Store 2nd Wandering Wardrobe
  • Eatery With Live Music 2nd Magleby’s Springville
  • Family Restaurant 2nd Mableby’s Springville
  • Fine Dining Magleby’s Springville
  • Lube and Oil 2nd Johnsons
  • Orthodontist 2nd Warren
  • Tire Shop 2nd Johnson Tire
  • Toy Store 2nd Funfinity


Third Place Finish

  • Burger 3rd Firehouse
  • Breakfast 3rd Magleby’s Springville
  • Dessert 3rd Magleby’s Springville
  • OB/GYN 3rd Steven Nance
  • Obstetrician 3rd Steven Nance


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