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Goal 1:  Educate parents and guardians regarding youth substance use 

ASAP currently facilitates a 14-week Strengthening Families course on Thursday nights, provides information about Utah County’s Grandfamilies Program to schools and treatment facilities, teams with the state Parents Empowered and Use only as Directed campaigns, and organizes and conducts prescription take back events for Springville.

Goal 2:  Increase neighborhood attachment and safety

ASAP is promoting neighborhood block parties in conjunction with the National Night Out Block Parties on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. Grants are available to fund these block parties.

Goal 3: Increase protective factors by providing opportunities for pro-social involvement among youth in Springville schools and our community.

We offer Springville youth community events they can participate in including the Skate Park Challenge, Battle of the Bands, and the

ASAP Soccer Tournament.  The Mayor’s Office recognizes 4-5 outstanding youth each month, ASAP partners with the Library to host monthly teen nights, and ASAP has a student club at SHS and is looking at starting a club at SJHS. In August 2012, we started a research-based anti-bulling/character education program at SJHS called Positive Action, and we will start a pilot of this program in the 6th grade at Westside Elementary in the fall of 2013.

Goal 4:  Increase awareness and provide resources about depression

We will be providing 11 school and district personnel certified training on recognizing the signs of depression and suicide.  These individuals will take this training back to our schools and instruct school faculty and students and teach them to recognize these signs in those they work with and those they are friends with, encouraging prevention at an early age.  We are also working on putting together a community resource guide listing resources for depression treatment to be distributed across our community.

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